Three Diversions for Jazz Quintet Op.13

Composed: 1992
Duration: 7 minutes.
First Performance: November 1993, at the Newnham Concert Club, Gloucester, given by the Regency Brass Ensemble, conducted by Diggory Seacome.

  1. Allegro Moderato
  2. Moderato
  3. Allegro Molto

‘Diversions’ for Brass Quintet was the first piece commissioned by Diggory Seacombe and the Regency Brass Ensemble, and began a fruitful partnership which has, to date, produced two further works for that group. The ‘Diversions’ are written in an idiomatically ‘Jazz’ style. The first and third ‘Diversions’ generally remain constant in mood; the first being somewhat ‘sleazy’ while the third is a pointillistic and rhythmically busy movement. The second, is however a much slower and more languorous piece which changes tempo and mood dramatically, having as its driving force a slow melody on the trumpet.

‘Diversions’ has been recorded by the Premiere Brass Quintet.

Music Sample: Diversions for Brass Quintet Op. 13

© Ian Venables