Celebrating English Song
Music Sample: Flying Crooked
Flying Crooked
Available from SOMM Recordings

The Song of the Severn
Music Sample: On Malvern Hill
On Malvern Hill
Available from SIGNUM

Love’s Voice
Music Sample: Invitation to the Gondola Op.22 no3
Invitation ..
Available from SOMM

Severn and Somme
Music Sample: Flying Crooked Op.28 no 1
Flying Crooked
Available from SOMM

Songs Of Eternity
and Sorrow Op. 36
Music Sample: When Green Buds Hang Op.36, no 2
When Green Buds
Available from SIGNUM

The Songs of Ian Venables
Music sample: Acton Burnell Op.30
Acton Burnell
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Ian Venables: Piano Quintet op.27
Music Sample: Piano Quintet Op.27 Mov. I
Pian Quintet
Available from SOMM

The English Cathedral Series Vol I
Music Sample: Organ Rhapsody Op.25
Organ Rhapsody
Available from Regent Records

Ian Venables: Complete Works
Music Sample: ‘Caprice’ Op. 35
Available from Naxos

Judith Buckle: Songs discovered
Music Sample: ‘At the court of the poisoned rose’ Op. 20
At the Court
Available from MusicWeb International

At Midnight
Music Sample: Evening Bells 0p.31 no 3
Evening Bells
Available from SIGNUM

On the Wings of Love /Venetian Songs
Music Sample: Ionian Song Op.38 no 1
On the Wings
Available from Naxos

The Moon Sails Out
Music Sample: It Rains Op.33a
It Rains
Available from EM Records