Classical Musical Highlights in 2012 by Christopher Morley

The Birmingham Post , Thursday 27th December

“And again further south, Worcester Concert Club hosted an amazing recital by cellist Richard Jenkinson and pianist Benjamin Frith, including a breath holding account of the Rachmaninoff Cello Sonata and Ian Venables’ world-stopping Elegy – almost my highlight of the year, this performance of such a passionate and anguished work.

Venables also furnished the salvation of a Bromsgrove Concerts’ promotion of the Coull Quartet, when pianist Mark Bebbington stepped up for a captivating performance of Venables’ Piano Quintet.

Bebbington was also the pivot for another near-highlight of the year, when he performed Ian Venables’ Caprice during an all-English recital for the enterprising Gloucester Music Society. Bebbington, Venables, and Gloucester – all worth following”.