The lifeblood of today’s professional composer are commissions and many of Ian Venables’s most important works have been commissioned works. These commissions are varied and include public bodies for example, the Arts Council, trusts, concert clubs, businesses and private individuals.

It is through the generosity of such institutions that composers are able to bring to fruition their creative ideas.

Ian Venables would be pleased to consider any commission.

The cost of commissions will depend upon a number of factors and the table below will provide a rough guide for any commissioning body.

All costs below include a finished typeset score and parts where applicable.

Category Instrumentation Duration Cost
Solo songs Voice and piano Up to 3 min per song £600
Voice and piano 3-5 min per song £850
Voice and piano plus an additional instrument 3-5 min per song £1000
Voice with additional instruments Voice and string quartet Cycle of 4 songs £7500
Voice, string quartet and piano Cycle of 4 songs £10000
Chamber music Solo instrument plus piano Per minute £300
Two instruments Per minute £450
Three instruments Per minute £600
Four instruments Per minute £750
Five instruments Per minute £900
Choral music S. A. T. B. plus organ Per minute £500

Other instrumental combinations to be negotiated with the commissioning body.